Cyber Teen Project Roadmap Reveal

Hey everyone!

Since it is almost the weekend, I thought I would post a quick update. While White Hat Black Heart is undergoing final edits and proofreading, I decided to reveal some of my plans for the future.

Shortly after the book is published (shooting for mid-September) I will publish a behind the scenes book filled with bonus material, high-resolution artwork, and much more. It should be finished sometime in October. Everyone who has signed up for my book launch team or subscribes to the website will automatically receive a free eBook of all bonus material.

The second book in the series, War with Black Iris should enter the editing phase someone in October or November. If all goes well that mid-January will publish the third and final book.

The third book is in very early planning stages, but if I continue the same writing schedule, it should be published in Summer 2020.


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